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soundcloud Music by and for the people!

Artist's sounds you would not hear in the mainstream media exist here on the audioplex - and often these outliers are among the most beautiful and least rewarded. Music, dubstep, ambience, personal development, meditation, harmonic wave forms - all will be hosted in this sound arcana.

* If you submit a masterpiece and either the public member base or the Audioplex Expert manager up-votes it to this page, you may receive go-shares. Even if your art does not make it to this page, you can monetize your original audio content 2 ways: sites like steemit or minds, and one of your own blogs or websites. Either way you will have to create an extensive network of connected social media traffic with targeted fans to get paid well. Hopefully, our equal viewing distribution spread among all freedom network profiles can alleviate some of the competitive difficulty found in today's social networking. Either way, it is definitely wise for you to upload any content you have created to your personal website or blog. Make sure it is the one that is hosted in your featured freedom network profile - and maybe the Audioplex Expert manager or other members will find and select it to be here on this page! *Soundcloud, youtube and other trustworthy, established music hosting services all qualify.

(* Browse D3FC.me in another tab to continue listening to sound in the background!)

☞ NOW ► PLAYING: "Balloon Bitcoin" ambient background music...


☞ SONG: "Your Wish is Your Command"

☞ Dubstep: Instrumental Core

MORE COMING SOON! Design features and audio content all on the way!

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