⚜ The 5 Golden Guidelines ⚜



5 Golden Guidelines

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¨¨°º©♕©º° COMMON SENSE TERMS / POLICIES °º©♕©º°¨¨
Our policies are 100% open source. This means other people like yourself can improve upon them. Furthermore, our policies are transparent and easy to read. We hold the guidelines you are about to read in highest regard. Both Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci proclaimed simplicity as the highest and most ultimate sophistication. Indeed, this is the way of nature. That is why the policies of D3FC, The Freedom Network, The United People of Earth and ALL affiliated branches MUST be made very simple and easy to comprehend. Most companies and governments create a myriad of hard to read policies and rules. They intentionally use obtuse language patterns and useless jargon specifically designed to confuse individuals who are not completely immersed in the lingo. This often benefits the company or government only, to the absolute detriment of the individual. Simple guidelines are more practical in every way: they are more easily remembered, they take less of our precious time to read, and they are immune to the inclusion of corrupt hidden motives. We want everything we do to be efficient and honest. Anyone who proves themselves worthy to their people can contribute to our code of conduct. Any language used must be easily understandable. Having contract transparency and lingual fluidity is a must. This is reiterated in order to ensure we best meet the needs of the people. And now for our policies - the 5 Golden Guidelines, in their beautiful simplicity...

The 5 God Given Golden Guidelines: (5 fingers, 5 rules of thumb.)

⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜
The Alpha Law - (Golden Guideline #1) Let no human limit the freedom of another for any reason.

Golden Guideline #2: do onto others as you would have them do on to you, even if your personal situations were reversed.

Golden Guideline #3: in all your trades, ensure that all parties present benefit, including the higher orders of society and nature at large.

Golden Guideline #4: in your dealings with all lesser beings and material things, seek to always make at least a minimal improvement without going too far out of your own way.

The 5 Golden Guidelines
The Omega Code - (Golden Guideline #5) Love all without judgement, including yourself.
⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜ ⚜¨¨°º©♕©º°¨¨⚜

These guidelines are plastic and malleable, able to evolve in form and implication as time passes - so as to be of greatest benefit to all of humanity with each passing eon. Only God inspired contributions may change these guidelines. These are practical eternal universal truths for maintaining harmony for all humans. Any individual or corporate entity - worldwide - who violates these policies to the detriment of even one innocent individual - after fair warning and upon the full establishment of the United People of Earth - will be required by law to relinquish all property and intelligence involved in the violation - to be managed or divided accordingly and justly as the people victimized by the violation see fit - under the common sense principles and laws of the land outlined on this public page - to be commenced in the nearest suitable high court immediately or as soon as humanly possible. We hold these guidelines in highest regard. Please COMMENT "I AGREE" if you agree with these policies OR Comment with your revision ideas. Revision ideas must receive massive support from others in order to be considered. Revision ideas must also only stem from love, not fear. 99% of man-made laws exist only out of fear. Please comment "I AGREE" immediately. Thank you.


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