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Every day @ 8am/8pm CST is Infinity Time! - hangout with Freedom Network friends! Learn how to legally rob the evil rich corporate government puppets who extorted wealth from the people - and give this money to EVERYONE; the poor, the middle class, and most importantly, YOURSELF - guaranteeing your family's financial future for generations to come as well as the well being of planet earth! ... NEED FREE PHONE SERVICE? CLICK HERE!

Hang out with us here on this page OR call the conference line to listen while on the go!
Infinity Time
Dial in Number: (605) 475-4844 Access code: 860314

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Infinity Time

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"WELCOME! We are currently under construction! Log in to chatcat and message me with any ideas you would like to see implemented into the Daily Digital Democratic Freedom Community. We are here to unite the people and save mother earth."
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The D3FC.me club website is currently in development, however many features already work!

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