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Everyone who reaches the max farm level will receive $1,000 in Go-shares, generating tons of bitcoin dividends. You MUST start a new account on our site to qualify.
* You must run your d3fc miner while playing! If it slows the game down, reduce # of miner threads or reduce game image quality settings.

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 ☞ ABOUT Goodgamne Big Farm: 
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Good Game Big Farm is a multiplayer MMO farm game - a farming simulation that involves strategy and REALLY BIG farms. Big Farm is a good game for boys and girls. It involves role playing and teaches time management. This game is very fun, even addictive. Use moderation in your farming entertainment, lest your time fly the coop! ★★★★★ 5/5 stars!

"One day you receive a strange letter in the mail: you open it, only to discover that you once had a rich uncle in your family you did not know about! Sadly, your uncle has passed away - and you have suddenly inherited his farm estate! The immense land is gorgeous and valuable - but unfortunately it has been neglected for a long time... However, with your expert business skills and some help from the friendly locals, you believe you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm once again! After a moment of silence in deep gratitude to your late uncle, you decide to get to work immediately; after all, you have always wanted to own a big farm full of cute animals and organic crops. This is a dream come true!"

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 ☞ Farming Guide(coming one day in the future)! 
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