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Are you tired of not being able to sell your product or services online? Worry not, for better times are ahead.

Up until now, you probably have taken dozens of online courses on selling, work at home businesses, mlm, ad infinitum. No matter the business, 99% of people fail. It does not matter if it is home based, door to door, online, mlm, you name it... most people fail. There are multiple reasons why, which I will explain shortly.

In a perfect world, where everyone has a job and everyone makes decent money, the best way to sell would be to ask the right questions. Asking questions is how you find out if they even qualify for what you are selling. You can save yourself a lot of time by simply qualifying your prospect with the right questions. Additionally, asking questions lets them do most of the talking while you listen. This clues you in on what they want in life. You can determine if your product is going to help them or not.

Unfortunately, most marketers do not care about helping the prospect. They only care about lining their pockets. Perhaps you have been pushed to promote a product before and you got an icky feeling. This is because deep down you wanted to help the person, not take their money. The majority of people who fail at selling do so because CURRENTLY we live in a dog eat dog sales world where the best salesmen are usually the ones with no conscience - who can do the most convincing selling and close the prospect's pocketbook... and after the sale is made, very little or no further support is given. You have likely been taken advantage of before to one of these slimy people. It does NOT feel good at all, and you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

In a moment, I am going to put things into perspective for you in a way NOBODY ELSE ever has...

But again, lets PRETEND we live in a perfect world for a moment. If everyone was selling only to benefit the customer, then the way to sell without having to memorize scripts is to simply ask the right questions. Open ended questions are best.

Here are some example selling questions:
  • Can I ask you a question?
  • What's your story?
  • How did you get to become a (doctor, lawyer, etc?)
  • What do you do for fun when you are not working?
  • How can I help you get WHAT YOU NEED?

You absolutely MUST get a conversation started - otherwise you will instantly be blocked by the person's BS detector. Tell me, how often do you see a facebook message in your inbox with some product or link, and you INSTANTLY close the message without reading a word?

Also tell me this - don't you LOVE when people are interested in YOU instead of just cramming some product down your throat the first chance they get? There you have it - if you likewise give people the respect of getting to know them, you can leave a positive lasting first impression that will set you apart from the crowd. You can also figure out EXACTLY which of your arsenal of products and services might benefit that person specifically. Maybe the person HATES reading books, but they love audio hypnosis. Perhaps they like football related products... STOP trying to promote the same mlm to everyone, it does not work anymore! And STOP letting the guru's brainwash you into thinking you can only promote one thing.

People have wizened up to the constant barrage of mlms and work at home schemes and it is time to change the game. Most people are also broke, having spent their life savings on such schemes in the past already and failed, losing everything.

Perhaps if people had money... Well that is the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. If you do a little research, you will see that America is in the worst economic time it has ever been in - EVER - worse than the great depression. You can blame our banks, the government, the mlm gurus who take the last dime of the unemployed... We can blame ourselves for not demanding change... But instead of BLAMING the problem and then doing nothing - we can do something very powerful and creative about it.

Imagine if EVERYONE was to receive $100,000 cash to do with what they pleased. Imagine if the rich billionaires and trillionaires were legally robbed of the riches they extorted from the common people. Do you think it would be easy to sell your product or services then? Of COURSE!

Now I am not saying it is impossible to make sales now... if you ask the right questions to enough people, and use good questions in your blogs and facebook posts, you will find willing clients even in this economy. (notice how many questions I have asked in this post alone?) Asking questions is good. It is the key to figuring out what interests a person and getting them to consider your product or service...

But again, IMAGINE if EVERYONE had lot's of money. Do you think it would be 10x easier to sell than it is now? YES!

And that is exactly what will soon be happening to this world. EVERYONE will have a fair share of wealth that is redistributed. The money system that is going to allow this is none other than crypto currency. I would advise you to research bitcoin and dogecoin if you have not already done so. Crypto currency eliminates banking and governmental authorities from centralized control of a money supply.

Crypto makes it where any homeless man with an iphone and starbucks wifi access can be his own bonafide banker. (NO JOKE.) Anyone with a laptop or smart phone can now be their own banker. Few people are aware of this fact.

The purpose of this site, www.d3fc.com, is to make EVERYONE aware.

The highest paid profession in the world is BANKING. And making EVERYONE a banker is exactly what will take this world out from the brink of poverty and world war III.

Once we make everyone a banker, then any farmer, hair stylist, home based marketer, car salesman, construction worker, etc etc etc ... can take care of their own finances with no overdraft fees, no forced taxation without fair representation - no more evil parasitical elite class with their hands in your pockets! You are the king or queen of your own finances.

In the future I will be making a guide on how to become your own banker right from home. Soon the power of money will be returned to the people.

And remember, even now with the economy the way it is - the shortest way to find a customer is to ask the right questions. Soon you will be selling your services like never before!

This post was NOT what you were expecting, was it? I can promise you, this post is more accurate than ANYTHING else out there. You know it's true. You can feel it! 


~ King Tyler VVS

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