⚜ Do not let your bitcoins sit idle in a wallet. INVEST THEM ⚜

Do not let your bitcoins sit idle in a wallet. INVEST THEM

Do not let your bitcoins sit idle in a wallet. INVEST THEM like the living money tree seeds they are! Your bitcoins can be buying real goods and services from within the bitcoin ecosystem, RIGHT NOW, and multiplying in value.

Get this: A facebook visitor from a facebook ad costs on average $1.55 nowadays, give or take a few nickels depending on your niche. Last time I ran a bitcoin ad campaign, I got 10,000 visitors and 88 signups to one of my bitcoin offers for only $10 worth of bitcoin. That would have ran me easily 10 grand on facebook. And that was a year ago... Imagine what we can do NOW.

We all know, bitcoin could drop at any given moment. So could ethereum. Then litecoin could rocket through the roof for some unseen reason. Are you at your computer 24/7? If not, then might want your bitcoins to be with someone who is - a reliable daily trader. That way, someone can sell before the fall and buy before the rise all on your behalf. Split the profits.

This sounds very good, but it comes with a caution - I have lost thousands if not millions of dollars trusting my bitcoins to other companies. I lost a TON of money with bitcoin programs promising to do day trading, investing, or mining - cloud hashing companies have literally robbed me of millions. Do not invest in other websites or companies without doing a TON of research. Or just place your bets on freedom network. **We promise a humble 5% return on small balances under $5,000, scalable down to a 1% return on larger balances over $100,000 (our aim is to help the little investor benefit more than the fat cats, its just the right thing to do) ** Once we have raised $500,000 no further deposits will accrue interest. Percentages are subject to change, all investors will be notified in case of such an event. CURRENTLY AT $0 out of $500,000.

I did however have a few companies that did NOT take our money and run... no, in fact I got a good return. And it makes up for everything I have lost (and then some.) We do most of our bitcoin mining with a company based out of ICELAND called bitclub network (news stories here) and they have been paying us for 2 years reliably so far. The natural chill of the environment there makes for very efficient bitcoin mining.

Aside from buying mining in several locations, the majority of investors money will go to advertising directly to our websites. Generally every $1 invested can be turned into $25 on average based on the average long term value of every lead collected for any particular offer - and we have many. Most funding for our projects will come from profits generated after the fact...

Numerous non freedom network members from the public at large will come to view our evergreen website content, training and entertainment, and even if they do not join freedom network they may buy a water filter or some other health or tech product, or even a tesla battery or car (worth a fortune in commissions) and that means revenue for all members and especially for depositors.

The long term value of a member of freedom network has not been calculated as of yet. But knowing that non members can and will profit the company, it is beyond any doubt of mine that depositors money is not only safe and secure, but healthy and destined to grow within our system of exponential growth.

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