⚜ How Much Will Bitcoin Be Worth? ⚜


The maximum value of a single bitcoin could easily become $9,000,000 per bitcoin.


Let's just be clear about something I want to mention that might seem as if it diverts the question; trust me, it is actually a KEY to getting the best answer.

That key is this: remember that time is an illusion. You remember playing toys and games as a kid like it was yesterday, right? You remember back in the day when email did not exist, and perhaps you wish you had bought stock in ebay or microsoft, right? Same concept here; do NOT lose the game of time by focusing on Bitcoin's currentvalue.

Judge the worth of these coins based on their FINAL estimated value, NOT their current value.

Most scientists, computer programmers and economists estimate the final value of bitcoin to be worth $100,000 a coin; (Proof: search in toolbar above for this phrase: "final value of bitcoin 100,000".)

Their estimation is wrong... to calculate what the coins will ACTUALLY be worth, follow the formula in the next column... First, understand that the US total debt is actually over 200 trillion.

Want proof? Search "REAL US debt of 200 trillion 2014" in our search bar above. Debt represents equivalent owed value. Money is created as debt that we have to pay back to banks, but it can also represent equivalent value of what was purchased. Banks are frauds and thus do not legally have to be paid back. The total debt in existence can equivalently represent the total VALUE of all US information and goods. Want more proof? Search "Money as Debt MOVIE" in our search bar above. More on this later...

Second, know this: the max number of Bitcoins that can ever exist is 21 million. Proof: search above "max number of bitcoins 21 million."

To begin calculation: take the total US debt (200 trillion) and divide by the maximum number of Bitcoins allowed to exist (21 million)

200 trillion divided by 21 million is roughly...


 9.5 million per coin. 


Below is a graph of the value of bitcoin from day one until now...
Even without doing math, you can see that the price will go up a LOT.

You just hit the lottery. Right here, right now.

Finally, now you can start winning the game of life!

Side note:
Shigeru Miyamoto is the inventor of Nintendo.
Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of Bitcoin.

Each name has the exact same number of letters. 
The last names have the same 5 last letters. 
Also, both first names begin with an S.... Coincidence?


Currently, the smallest possible bitcoin unit is not called a bit "penny",
it is called a Satoshi.

ONE Satoshi = .000 000 01 Bitcoins

ONE "bit"     = .000 001 00 Bitcoins ~ or 100 Satoshi.

Most of our games pay you on average 100 Satoshi.
So to calculate how much you are earning,
you multiply 9.5 million by .000001...

RESULT: The final value of the average 100 satoshi you earn per game will be in the ballpark of...




Basically, you get paid over $9.50 PER PLAY for playing our games.

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