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"Shouldn't it be FAQ? Of course it should be, NORMALLY... however, we at the D3FC are quite different, you see. We be AB-normal with a big fat AB! That's like normal, but with a 6-pack; how legendary!

Genius joke? Now way! As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again - and expecting different results - is insanity! So one must become DIFFERENT first, in order to get different and better results. In order to succeed or truly be free, different one must be, wouldn't you agree?

Of course, those who are still asleep in our government brainwashed society wouldn't agree. I know *you* probably agree, but we both know THEY don't!

They judge us free thinkers as weird or insane. They say something is wrong with us. They tell us to sit down and shut up and obey! As if free thinking were a bad thing? But isn't the opposite the truth?

Quite obviously indeed! So F**K what THEY think! For nothing good was EVER created by a man or a woman who was not first allowed the freedom to think about their dream. To think for themselves, and to think about doing something new and different for the first time... How exciting!

Therefore that is why we decided to be different too and switcheroo our FAQ into an FQA.

What does it stand for? For what we stand for... because we are tired of sitting down! We stand for something we believe would help this world to become more free, and that's this: People ought to, more often than not, Frequently Question Authority! We ought to stand up for ourselves against these bullies and their lies. We must stand for what is truly righteous, fair and just! In order to know truth, we must question EVERYTHING!

That is one of our many mottos here at the D3FC. From now on, you must FREQUENTLY question everything, especially authority... that includes even us! Keep us on our toes so that we provide you the BEST service possible! Unlike other businesses and scams out there, we truly care about each and every person's happiness and success.

Do you honestly believe the majority of business opportunities and governments have YOUR best interest at heart? At the very best, 80% of the time they merely intend to give you *just* a teensy tiny teeny weeny little bitty bite of their pie... while *they* get to keep a whole whale of a lion's share! Unfair is it not?

I, King Tyler VVS, shall not stand for this insolence! It is time for a different strategy, one that ends their impudence! For THEY are no more worthy than YOU - we are ALL worthy of an equally fair share!

With that being said, I know I've asked you a lot and I know we've just met and I almost forgot... do you, perhaps, have any questions for me?

I hope you do because, quite sadly, the FQA page is question free! Like a newborn baby, its knowledge bank is rather empty. Is there anything you would like to know about the D3FC?

Then please I implore you, ask away - in the comment section below - or directly on the FQA page - and for every question, a wonderful answer you will receive! Godspeed!"

~ King Tyler VVS the ∞

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