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Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

The best ways to earn Bitcoin in 2018 and beyond are listed here in this open source, continually updated guide. Earn bitcoin a variety of ways: as your regular income, via mining, via trading and more. Earning bitcoins should only EVER be done with trustworthy bitcoin programs that have been tested for integrity and legitimacy. Working with reputable companies is highly recommended. Work for bitcoin and cryptocurrency via various affiliate programs, freelancing and other online methods. More sources are soon to be added - please comment to add a business and contribute to this open source collection. IMPORTANT! Legitimate businesses only please! If you are new to bitcoin, afraid of selling, or unemployed, you can easily collect from faucets to start saving up - even a penny's worth will be a lot in 10 years. (1¢ worth of Bitcoin from 2009 is now worth $14,000 on 01/03/2018!) Bitcoin faucets are not the best way to earn... They are good if you have no other option, however. It is best to actively partner with a bitcoin earning business when you can. Click each category to jump to an "earn bitcoin" revenue source that suits you!

Earn Bitcoin through affiliate programs AFFILIATE Earn Bitcoin through advertising ADVERTISING Earn Bitcoin through freelancing FREELANCE Earn Bitcoin through mining MINING Earn Bitcoin from faucets FAUCETS

Earn Bitcoin via Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs: Listed below are ways to earn bitcoin through selling products and services of other companies.
Earn Bitcoin through affiliate programs

BITCLUB NETWORK (Sadly, only NON USA residents!)

Misc affiliate programs:

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Earn Bitcoin through advertising

Earn Bitcoin via Advertising

Advertising: earn bitcoins through these bitcoin advertising networks, or convert USD from google ad-sense into bitcoin buys. Place banners on your website to earn.
(We recommend you own a website, blog, or have a high social media following before advertising.)
Anonymous Ads
Mellow Ads
CoinURL.com (Their url shortener is blocked from facebook!)
Google Adsense

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Earn Bitcoin via Freelancing

Freelance Work: Earn bitcoin doing jobs for people online. Jobs can come in an infinite variety, but will mostly be tech, social or marketing related and work from home.
Earn Bitcoin through freelancing

Bitcoin version of Odesk: XBTfreelancer.com

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Earn Bitcoin through mining

Earn Bitcoin via Mining

"When I first got into bitcoin 4 years ago, I purchased contracts with over a dozen different cloud mining companies. MOST of them turned out to be scams and crashed! A few however have paid me nearly a million dollars in bitcoin. I consider my efforts a good investment. The below methods of bitcoin mining have proven themselves enough for me that I am confident to stake my name to them for others' sake."
~ King Tyler VVS
Mine with your extra computer processing power.

Bitclub Network
Our favorite, Bitclub Network is a large bitcoin mining operation based out of Iceland. (Non USA only!)

Genesis Mining
Genesis mining is also advantageously based in legally free Iceland.
* Pre-existing users please use code Dm2Qj4 when buying.

Turn your loyal fan base into your own hive of monero (bitcoin) miners. Try it out below!
Members of our club are required to run this daily! This is the FASTEST, easiest way to start mining bitcoin.
You MUST be a member holding Go-Shares in order to receive payouts.

₿ Turn on this user friendly web miner to support us! This miner will continue running for 24 hours. You will have to restart it again tomorrow. It is 100% safe and will not harm your computer. ₿

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Other ways to earn bitcoin / cryptocurrencies:

Earn bitcoins through random methods:
Earn bitcoin micro dividends. Receive multiple coins daily, automatically, from Qoinpro.com.
Visit earn.com and get paid BTC to answer messages.
• Comment your affiliate url below! NOTE: bitcoin / crypto only, NON SCAM, TRUSTWORTHY ONLY affiliate programs!
You can receive a $200 Go-share if implemented. (Members only!)
Earn bitcoins from playing games, viewing offers and doing other tasks. There's even a faucet over here, AND a referral program!

8 more ways to earn bitcoin:
Earn Bitcoins by accepting them as a means of payment 🏬
Earn free Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites ✔
Earn Bitcoins from interest payments %
Earn Bitcoins from mining πŸ’Ž
Earn Bitcoins by getting tipped πŸ‘
Earn Bitcoins through trading πŸ“ˆ
Earn Bitcoins as a regular income πŸ‘¨
Earn Bitcoins from gambling - not suitable for everyone 🎰

Other bitcoin earning sources:

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