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Freedom Life Liberty

Happiness Love Unity

Understanding Serenity

Freedom Life Liberty

Happiness Love Unity

Understanding Serenity

Freedom Life Liberty

Happiness Love Unity

Understanding Serenity

Freedom Life Liberty

Happiness Love Unity

Understanding Serenity

What is D3FC.com?

D3FC is an acronym that represents many things:

• The Democracy Daily Digital Freedom Club

Daily Dividend Donation Freedom Charity

• King Tyler Durden's Daily Dividends and Free Coins

• The Daily Dollar Digital Freedom Club

Dimes, Dividends, and Digital Fortune Cookies

Daily Donation Domain and Friendly Chat

ad infinitum...

D3FC.com explained in 200 words:

All corruption, pollution, chaos - all problems worldwide are caused by people who simply don’t know a better way from what they have learned.

In today's information society, the internet is growing infinitely in size. Somewhere hidden in this maze are ideas that will solve today’s problems.

The Democracy Daily Digital Freedom Club gives everyone a better way: simple, focused, actionable information. D3FC.com also rewards people in Dividends, Dimes, Dollars & Free Coins for their engagement.

Donations & advertisements will generate the revenue needed to pay dividends. Anyone on earth can get paid to add to or learn from our suite of open source e-guides.

Our Top Topics include:
• Photographic memory
• Health
• Longevity
• Money
• Entrepreneurship
• Marketing
• Law
• Finding Love
• Raising kids
• Ways to help society
• and Ways to heal our ailing planet

Social media has become a racket. You really only need it to communicate with your friends. Bring them to D3FC.com and chat with them here, while earning real money. Everyone gets paid. Paid to learn, paid to play games, paid to chat, and paid to improve upon the information the world needs most.

It’s time everyone was rewarded for learning a better way of life. D3FC is the way to be.


D3FC is LOVE baby.
D3FC represents the return of the King.
We launched on 4/4/14.

The number 4 literally represents the cross of christ.
Plus, four letter domains rock!
1 John 4:4 reads, "Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."

A message from the founding father of the D3FC,
King Tyler Durden VVS:

"It is my sincere belief that the guides I am co-creating with other D3FC members are going to be worth more than any comparative information to be found anywhere on the internet. 

People truly desire - yes indeed they even NEED - an easy, simple, quick and to the point solution for their problems. 

I call the process we use for our simple guides "Pyramiding." In the pyramiding method, we present the Problem, varying Perspectives,  and finally the Plan/Solution. 

It is my opinion that this method will become the ultimate style of writing for the internet. I believe people are growing tired of the laborious to read, fluff filled rants that most bloggers and journalists put out on to the web, having no other objective than getting a quick advertisement buck.

Please assist me in promoting this vision to the world. I promise you will be rewarded handsomely!"

~ King Tyler Durden VVS


1. Quantum Mind ~ how to use 100% of your brain by exercising your latent photographic memory; become smarter than the man in the movie "Limitless" with NO needed vitamins or psychotropics... (Already complete!)

(The below products are in development!)

2. The Rapid freedom guide ~ Our fast start guide to earning money with the D3FC...

3. Social Proof Maximizer ~ How even a newbie can garner Social Proof - contained in this guide are Viral Posting and Follower building hacks that are idiot proof, trend proof and time proof.

4. The 12 Disciplines of Life - Over 1000 of the top personal development books of all time can be narrowed down to these 12 basic principles, which are then memorized photographically using Quantum Mind. 

5. The Save MORE than $2 a day guide (How you can instantly cut your expenses by more than $62 a month, guaranteed for every person, with no fluff.) 

6. The REAL secret to perfect health - There are infinite diseases and infinite bandaid fixes, but only ONE toolbox of ultimate healing methods. (ALL NATURAL.) 

7. How to find your soulmate - who doesn't want to know this?

8. How to cure anger / depression 

9. How to play ALL the greatest Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Xbox games of all time right on your laptop for FREE - a reward for members who achieve a certain rank. 

10. How to LEGALLY never pay for car insurance, car tags, drivers license or other government "revenue schemes" ever again.

(ALL of our e-guides are OPEN SOURCE and *YOU* can get paid for simply helping to improve upon them. These guides are living documents that will evolve and improve over time!)

NOTE: Anything you want, we can add - we have a team of writers who will pick apart the net and put together only the BEST of the best content, ALL for free! We will have natural cures doctors, fitness coaches and internet marketing experts who will contribute too. This will become OPEN SOURCE PERFECTION. Ask the person who shared the D3FC with you how you can join! GET IN NOW and become a member TODAY!

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Also comment with Google+. This helps us rank. Thank you!
(You can simply copy and paste your facebook comment.)
"WELCOME! We are currently under construction! Log in to chatcat and message me with any ideas you would like to see implemented into the Daily Digital Democratic Freedom Community. We are here to unite the people and save mother earth."
~ King Tyler VVS. DONATE to support us!

The D3FC.me club website is currently in development, however many features already work!

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