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To become a member of the D3FC you must complete an initial setup process.

You will need several bitcoin wallets and other alternate currency accounts with which to gain access to the daily free coins. All of these are yours at no charge - 

but never be deceived when someone says something is "free" - because time is money and with all things you must invest time.

However these are very much worth investing your time into. Why? Because most, if not all of these alternate currencies are appreciating assets; unlike the US Dollar, which is a depreciating asset. Each currency will become worth more and more over time.

You will receive a sequence of emails. Each email is a single step that must be completed. Once you complete each step, you may delete or archive the email. If you get distracted, or other matters require your time, you can store the other emails for later retrieval. 

You will also receive a "free" bonus reference guide containing all 7 steps.

Warning - you MUST complete all steps, as each of these will be "tested" at a later point and if you do not pass the test, you will fail the test. Each step takes only 5 minutes on average.

They are:

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step 3
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step 10



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I love my life. I love my website. I love my creativity. I am going to do everything it takes to make my site a success. I will allow myself to have fun only if I also make progress on my site.

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The D3FC.me club website is currently in development, however many features already work!

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