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101 donations Daily Bitcoin Dogecoins

In the movie 101 Dalmatians, the dogs start barking and spreading the message quick that the puppies have been kidnapped. Before long every canine in the entire world has heard the news. Perhaps you should adopt the same level of motivation and valor towards your business. Let's practice just that with a lesson on advertising...

ADVERTISING 101: do it daily! Does the mcdonald's sign suddenly disappear on sundays? No, and mcdonalds usually has no off days. Sadly in social media, if you go a day without posting, your sign disappears! So the only solution currently is to advertise daily. The fastest way to get good at advertising is to do it every day! This is the #1 most important habit to develop for your business.

$200 Go-share REWARD! The 101 day donations advertising challenge:

• Must not share more than 1 post a day. Why? Spamming news more than once a day hurts your social edge rank.
• Must only share d3fc or freedom network posts for exactly 101 days.
• Must have atleast 101 friends or followers on your account you use. (*Rule waved for level 2 members.)
• Must like, comment AND share each post. Your social timeline will be verified for shares.
• You are NOT allowed to post other content on this profile until after the challenge.
• $5 fee must be paid to cover missed days, or else you must start over.
• $200 Go-share will be awarded on the 102nd day.
• You cannot complete the 101 donation challenge more than 5 times.
• $1000 or 5 Go-shares is the maximum amount you can earn from this challenge.
You must be a member of freedom network to accept this challenge. (It's free!)

• Make sure you understand the rules.
• Like comment share one post a day from our site map.
• After 101 days, submit your profile, membership email and dogecoin address to a leader in chat.
• We will verify you did the deed and issue the share. Then you collect dividends forever!

101 donations: earn GO-SHARES WHAT ARE GO-SHARES?
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GO-SHARES can be sold to the company for $200 after maturity, or at any time to anyone for any price! GO-SHARES pay daily dogecoin dividends which can be converted into Bitcoin at Bleutrade or other exchanges!
101 Dalmatians Dogecoin Donations of Love

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