⚜ MONERO: What You Need to Know ⚜

What you need to know about MONERO Monero is a form of Bitcoin

Add a few ZERO's to your money with MONERO. Monero is the BEST crypto currency to mine. Monero is a form of Bitcoin. (aka. a "child" or mutation from the original open source bitcoin code.) Monero creates a level mining field for would be bitcoin miners. Monero mining literally scales with any computer a lot more efficiently than mining other coins. You can mine monero even with a laptop, in 2018, and still get a fair share of crypto. I know because I own a small fortune from monero mining, that I did 100% from my laptop, for only a short while a year or so ago... Monero in my opinion makes mining a lot easier, fair and square for the little guy. You can read the tech details on why below...

*NOTE: You can mine Monero instantly by clicking the miner in the bottom right of our ad tower. You will join thousands of other miners worldwide in a sort of hive collective mining effort for the freedom network pool. The funds will go to our pool initially, then to all members via Go-Share dividends. *IF* you want to mine monero for yourself, you will need to dedicate your computer to mining full time for several days or weeks - otherwise you may not get a large enough payout to cover the fee of sending the money out. To mine solo, you can easiy start HERE: Minergate.com - mine with your extra computer processing power.

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