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Social Quests: "Many times I need to get in touch with an important person to run an idea by them, but the amount of effort and waiting involved in getting a response from certain people is an unacceptable use of my time. I am willing to reward those who are willing to complete these missions for me while I work on our company website." ~ King Tyler VVS REWARD: $200 go-share ~ Get in touch with the verge development team and find out why the verge electrum app on mac is not creating standard wallets!

REWARD: $200 go-share ~ Get in touch with http://tatianamoroz.com/tatiana-coin-campaign and get her to join freedom network.

REWARD: $200 go-share ~ Figure out the best way to recruit members from these dogecoin communities:
DOGE Reddit - The Main Hotspot of the Dogecoin Community.
#dogecoin IRC - Dogecoin-based Internet Chat.

REWARD: $2000 in go-sharse ~ Get in touch with any of these bitcoin millionaires and get them in freedom network.



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"WELCOME! We are currently under construction! Log in to chatcat and message me with any ideas you would like to see implemented into the Daily Digital Democratic Freedom Community. We are here to unite the people and save mother earth."
~ King Tyler VVS. DONATE to support us!

The D3FC.me club website is currently in development, however many features already work!

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