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Knowledge Quests

Knowledge Quests are meant to extend the knowledge bank of freedom network members' d3fc library. Sometimes important questions remain unanswered or unclear; and someone inevitably has to find answers by continually questing towards the truth. The quest for truth brings clarity to the situation, which generally ends up benefiting everyone, but it does cost time and energy for the one who undergoes the journey. This effort is valuable to society and should be rewarded. However, too often have great discoveries not been properly rewarded in the past." ~ King Tyler VVS

TASK CODE: SUBSCRIBE TO AND SUMMARIZE Crytpocurrency Masterclass for $200 Share
James Altucher Crypto Enthusiast
You MUST summarize his course and answer these questions:
What is this guys script?
What methods are taught in each video / section?
What is the special event in feb 2?
What cryptos are recommended?
Is there anything you would like to add?

REWARD: $200 share.
Must pay $10 to take this quest.
Will receive $10 crytpo back plus $200 share upon completion.
10 day time limit, failure means forfeiture of your $10.

If you think our library lacks something important, if something has escaped our knowledge bank, please SUBMIT A QUEST via the comment section below.

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