⚜ ALL "Cryptocurrencies" ARE BITCOIN ⚜

ALL Cryptocurrencies are BITCOIN

Did you know that ALL cryptocurrencies in some way or another are just copies of the original bitcoin protocol? That's right. ALL alt coins and crypto currencies in their entirety are basically created and inspired versions of bitcoin. These alt coins, most genuine, some scams, come with few to many variant code mutations of the original bitcoin protocol.

In essence, ALL cryptos are bitcoins. BIT literally means a computer "byte" or "bit" and COIN means a coin, token or unit of currency. BITCOIN should be allowed to represent all cryptocurrency online. It is easier to simply say "Bitcoin" during casual, fluent conversation, than to have to spit out the word "cryptocurrency" and also easier to type:

CRI + PAH + TOW + CER + INN + SEE = 6 syllables.

The advantages (time and convenience) outweigh the disadvantages (cognitive dissonance from changing an old pattern.) Therefore, from now on BITCOIN can mean both the original bitcoin and ALL bitcoin childs / alt coins or cryptocurrency.
~ King Tyler VVS

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